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92.2 Radio Khushi is the next big milestone catering to Telugu and Kannada audience in the UAE. 

A member of AWM Network,  92.2 Radio Khushi is the one and only radio station in the UAE dishing out Telugu and Kannada music. Tune-in to Radio Khushi and feel Live and Happy with your favourite line up of the most popular songs in Telugu and Kannada. Our promise to the listeners would be less talk and more music.

 Start your day at 6am with Khushi Morning for a daily dose of positivity, set your mood for the day ahead with Gaadi No.922, Groove with Love Mocktail, Relax with Matinee Muchatta, enjoy your tea time break with Sandalwood Talkies and take a chill pill with Chill Bro after a long, tiring day. Radio Khushi as the name suggests is a happy station and would only play happy tunes to pep up your mood.